11/03/05 - Hey, an update. SHOCKER.


First, go to boxcarcomics.com and buy a calendar.Do it for me.And then you can go to the forum and tell me you bought one and Iíll gush about how awesome you are for supporting the thing.

Sheesh, no rest for the weary, or in my case, the technologically tragic.Computer troubles continue to plague me: the internet finally seems to be running smoothly, but my printer/scanner seems to have morphed into Satanís Cupcake overnight and, when hooked up, makes Windows go all blue-screen on me, which I think is the cyber-equivalent of giving the finger.Grrr.Regardless, here you go, we updated today.Actual story from last Friday night, sorry I donít have any good pictures so you can see the FREAKY CONNECTION between Hey Suburbia and real life.Woo.

Boy is school ever a drag. I may or may not be failing Italian 201, which is pretty shameful, considering I myself am Italian. Anybody wanna run away to Australia with me?Itís a lot warmer down there and they have wallabies.Come on, itíll be fun.We can even get married- Elvis theme wedding!Iíll be Presley, you can be Costello, itíll be magic.


ďNo business like STEEEEALINNNNNG!Ē